Monday, June 19, 2017

T2D Portal team at ADA 2017

Members of the T2D Knowledge Portal team returned last week from the 77th Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association, inspired and invigorated by many great discussions with T2D researchers, educators, and clinicians.

In preparation for the conference, we set ourselves goals to add several new features to the Portal:

  • incorporate several new datasets and implement a new interactive Data page for exploring all datasets (see details)
  • add epigenomic data to shed light on the potential regulatory roles of genomic regions (see details)
  • implement a complete redesign of the Gene page that integrates multiple datasets to summarizes the significance of each gene to T2D and related phenotypes (see details)
  • connect with the new Federated Node of the Portal at EBI to provide seamless access to data housed there alongside data housed at the AMP T2D Data Coordinating Center at the Broad Institute (see details)

On the first day of the conference, Noël Burtt and Jason Flannick presented a mini-symposium focusing on the Portal to several hundred attendees.

This clearly generated a lot of interest, because our exhibit booth was a busy place for the next three days. 

T2D Portal team members at our exhibit booth

Multiple conversations happened at the booth!

We handed out a general guide to the Portal (download), and also presented a moderated poster (download).

At the booth, we especially enjoyed talking with people in the T2D field who are not geneticists but are simply curious about the genetics of T2D and the mission of the Portal. We encourage everyone to explore the Portal and to feel free to ask us any questions, even if they seem elementary. Please contact us any time with questions or feedback!

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