Sunday, February 5, 2017

Introductory guide to genetic association analysis now available

P-values. Odds scores and betas. GWAS. Linkage disequilibrium. What does it all mean?

Human geneticists are, of course, intimately familiar with these concepts. But for people who are not human geneticists, just getting past the terminology can be frustrating. So we’ve written a basic primer and reference guide that can help users of the T2D Knowledge Portal understand the information presented in our interfaces and tools.

Our Introduction to genetic association analysis guide is available from our Resources page. Or download it here (PDF).

This guide provides a basic introduction to the rationale behind applying human genetic association studies to complex diseases like T2D, explains some of the parameters of genetic associations such as p-values and odds ratios, and describes the different types of experiment used to determine genetic associations.

Many thanks to Andrew Morris, University of Oxford, for his thoughtful review and helpful comments on this guide.

We would be happy to hear your suggestions for improvements and additions!