Wednesday, February 20, 2019

T2DKP Winter Newsletter

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Friday, February 15, 2019

New AMP T2D funding opportunities

The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health is announcing two new Requests for Proposals (RFPs) to augment and expand the Type 2 Diabetes Knowledge Portal.

RFP 8b, "Evidence-based target lists: portal visualization and multi-algorithm development", has these objectives:
1. Develop algorithms including genetic (noncoding and coding), epigenetic, and genomic data to prioritize and rank evidence for causal genes conferring T2D or other complications.
2. In collaboration with the Knowledge Portal (KP team) at the Broad Institute, build tools for the KP to visualize these data.
3. Build processes to regularly update (i.e. every quarter) highly ranked causal genes with underlying algorithm annotations.
4. Compare and validate algorithms to advance AMP-T2D KP analytic tools and data visualizations.

The objective of RFP 10, "Deposition of Available Diabetes Complications Data", is to deposit, harmonize and publicly display GWAS, exome, and whole genome data within the KP for any of the following traits:
• Chronic Kidney Disease and/or Diabetic Kidney Disease related traits
• NASH and liver disease related traits
• Cardiovascular and lipid related traits, including heart failure
• Obesity related traits
• Diabetic retinopathy
• Other complications

Proposals are due on March 15, 2019. Find full details and contact information here.